About the Section

Our ARRL Field Organization is divided into 71 administrative sections. While our Minnesota Section covers our entire state, many larger or more populous states have more than one section. Some of the sections cover areas in the oceans and include Hawaii and some island territories. Skip Jackson, KSØJ,is your Section Manager and has held this position since October 1, 2004.

Together with the North and South Dakota Sections, we make up the Dakota Division, another subdivision of the ARRL Field Organization. There are 15 such Divisions in the ARRL field organization.  Matt Holden - KØBBC, is our Division Director and sits on the ARRL Board of Directors as do all of the other Division Directors. Matt has a staff including a vice-director, Lynn Nelson - WØND, and several assistant Directors. His staff is listed on a separate page. Click here to visit the ARRL Dakota Division page.

The 15 Division Directors on the ARRL Board of Directors deal with the strategic and policy issues of the ARRL while the Section Managers carry out the tactical or hands-on work of the ARRL field organization.

There are many volunteers that are working to make the Minnesota Section a vital and working part of the ARRL field organization.  Many of them will be mentioned here and on the ARES website. 

There are many opportunities for new volunteers.  Call the section manager or one of the cabinet members to volunteer.  Your help is invaluable and appreciated.